Former presidents urge to prevent crimes against humanity in Nicaragua

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  • Wed, 12/19/2018 - 19:31
Former presidents urge to prevent crimes against humanity in Nicaragua
  • Jose Maria Aznar, former President of Spain
  • Benito Ordoñez

Twenty-two Latin American former presidents and two ex-heads of government of Spain urged today the countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union to prevent Nicaraguans from being victims of "crimes against humanity".

The Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEA) today released the statement "regarding the escalation of repression by the dictatorship in Nicaragua".

After making an account of the latest events in that Central American country, the former leaders warn the international community "about the serious alteration and rupture of the constitutional and democratic order" in Nicaragua.

This situation, according to the statement, occurs in "a context of State violence" increased and "systematic and widespread violations of human rights" that can be constituted, if they are not "braked" in time by the international community, in " crimes against humanity".

"This is demonstrated by the experience of the region", warn the former rulers, among whom are the Spaniards José María Aznar and Felipe González, the Nicaraguan Enrique Bolaños and the Costa Rican Nobel Peace Prize winner Óscar Arias.

Also sign Nicolás Ardito Barletta and Mireya Moscoso (Panama); Felipe Calderón and Vicente Fox (Mexico); Rafael Ángel Calderón, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez and Laura Chinchilla (Costa Rica); Alfredo Cristiani (El Salvador); Fernando De la Rúa ( Argentina) and Eduardo Frei Tagle and Ricardo Lagos (Chile).

Also, César Gaviria, Andrés Pastrana and Álvaro Uribe (Colombia); Luis Alberto Lacalle and Julio María Sanguinetti (Uruguay); Jamil Mahuad (Ecuador); Jorge Tuto Quiroga (Bolivia) and Juan Carlos Wasmosy (Paraguay).

The signers of the declaration point out that the "National Assembly of Nicaragua, under the control of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and at his request, without due process or exercise of the right to defense, has canceled the legal status of nine civil society organizations dedicated to the promotion of democracy and human rights".

After stressing that the repression of the protests of the population has left "almost 300 dead and about 2,500 injured", the statement mentions the assault, invasion and theft of work equipment of the magazine Confidential and the television programs “Esta Noche” and “Esta semana”.

In addition, it recalls the principles of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, of which Nicaragua is a signatory, and notes that the European Union "shares fully, in its statutes on democracy" all these principles.


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