Four Americans killed and three injured in an ISIS attack in Syria

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  • Thu, 01/17/2019 - 16:00
  • ANHA

Four Americans were killed today and three others were injured in a suicide attack claimed by the jihadist Islamic State (IS) in the city of Manbech, in northern Syria, confirmed the Pentagon.

"Two US soldiers, a civilian (who worked for the) Department of Defense and a contractor who supported the Pentagon were killed and three soldiers were wounded during a local mission in Manbech, Syria," the Central Command, responsible for the operations in Syria.

The attack took place in the restaurant Qasr al-Umara, in the center of Manbech, and left at least 16 dead and a dozen wounded people, according to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory.

The international coalition against ISIS, led by the United States, had confirmed shortly before that several US soldiers were killed in the attack but gave no further details.

The Central Command said it is investigating the "explosion" in Manbech, and did not identify the deceased people because, according to the Pentagon protocol, it must wait 24 hours to be able to notify their relatives.

The attack is the first to take place since the United States announced the withdrawal of its troops in Syria and after January 11 the process of withdrawal from the north of the country began, where they supported until now the Democratic Syrian Forces (FSD), an armed alliance led by Kurds.

US President Donald Trump was informed of the attack but made no statement about it, as did vice president Mike Pence and White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

"Our deepest compassion and love for the families of the brave American heroes killed today in Syria," Sanders said in a brief statement.

Pence, for his part, was controversial by proclaiming, in a speech a few hours after the attack, that the US had decided to withdraw his troops from Syria because "the caliphate has collapsed and we have defeated the ISIS."

In a later statement, Pence expressed his condemnation and that of Trump to the "terrorist attack in Syria," and assured that he would never forget "the service and sacrifice" of the deceased Americans.

"As our troops return home, Americans can be sure ... that we will never allow the ISIS remains can rebuild their evil and murderous caliphate, now or ever," the vice president stressed.


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