Francisco recommended San Romero as a model to Nicaragua's bishops

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  • Mon, 02/04/2019 - 16:37
Francisco recommended San Romero as a model to Nicaragua's bishops
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Pope Francis entrusted Nicaragua's bishops, who are experiencing a serious sociopolitical crisis, to follow the model of St. Oscar Arnulfo Romero, who did not stop in his "proclamation of justice and mercy," reported Sunday the auxiliary bishop of Managua's archdiocese, Silvio Baez.

According to the cleric, the pope mentioned San Romero "as a model for the Nicaraguan bishops, and he used one of those images that he likes to use, he said: in his time, Monsignor Romero was a curse."

Romero is considered a martyr in the Catholic Church because his fight for the less favored in El Salvador led him to be killed.

In the middle of the crisis in Nicaragua since April 2018, the bishops have assumed a humanitarian role, which has led them to literally walk between the bullets as the government and its followers consider them enemies of "peace."

Baez, a well-known critic of President Daniel Ortega's government, added that "the church also needs the prophets," and said that "the pope spoke to the bishops of Central America and gave us as an example this great prophet (Romero), that he gave his life for his people and that nothing shut him up to proclaim, from God, justice, and mercy."

The Pope spoke with the bishops at the end of January in the World Youth Day's framework held in Panama.

Nicaragua is experiencing a sociopolitical crisis that with a result of 325 to 561 dead, and 340 to 767 prisoners, according to humanitarian agencies.

Ortega recognizes 199 dead and 340 arrested whom he calls "terrorists," "coup" and "common criminals."

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) has accused Ortega's government as responsible for crimes "against humanity."

Ortega rejects responsibilities in the crisis, as well as widespread accusations of serious abuses by the authorities against anti-government protesters, and he claims to be the victim of an attempted "failed coup."


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