Guaido is recognized as president of Venezuela

Guaido is recognized as president of Venezuela
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Twenty former Ibero-American heads of state and government recognized as "president in charge" of Venezuela the deputy Juan Guaido, head of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) and made a call to the Venezuelan Armed Forces and the international community to accompany him.

The former presidents participants of the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (Idea) offered in a joint statement their "firm" endorsement to Guaido as "president in charge," assuring that "in accordance with the Venezuelan Constitution," in the absence of an elected president to be sworn in before the National Assembly "since last January 10, Guaido is the head of the Venezuelan Government" in full right "and, as such," responsible for convening the elections of a new president."

Maduro took office on January 10 the second government of six years after having obtained re-election in May 2018 in a process marked as fraudulent and in which the bulk of the opposition did not participate. "He pretends to continue executing government functions, usurping them, by de facto and perform a coup d'état," the presidents said, assuring that Maduro's presidency "has expired."

They also asked the people of Venezuela to accompany Guaido "in the difficult and complex task of rescuing his nation and leading it to the full enjoyment of freedoms." Similarly, the formers heads of state pointed out that the "dictatorship has tried to take away his freedom (to Guaido), by kidnapping him."

The deputy, from “Voluntad Popular” (VP) formation, of imprisoned leader Leopoldo Lopez, was temporarily detained on Sunday by members of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin).

On the other hand, the former presidents in the declaration invited the Armed Forces of Venezuela to "subordinate" to Guaido as commander in chief and thus assume their "obligation to respect and enforce the constitutional and democratic order,"

They recalled that Maduro was "condemned for the crimes of corruption by the Supreme Court of Justice legitimate and denounced for the commission of crimes against humanity before the International Criminal Court."

"We ask the international community and our governments to enforce the contents of their declaration in the Lima Group and the OAS" so that Guaido "has the recognition and effective accompaniments to ensure its management."

Guaido reiterated on Sunday the call for mobilization for January 23 and said he will constitute the "first action call" to evict Maduro from the Presidency, which he usurps according to the opposition. Before the act, he was detained by the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), a political security body that has been linked to various acts denounced in human rights matters.

After a short time, he was released and in the same procedure two CNN journalists were detained and stripped of some of their belongings, but finally, they were also exonerated. The Venezuelan government indicated that this act was a personal decision on the part of the officials who were also dismissed.

The declaration was signed by the presidents Oscar Arias, Rafael Angel Calderon, Laura Chinchilla and Miguel Angel Rodriguez (Costa Rica), Cesar Gaviria, Alvaro Uribe and Andres Pastrana (Colombia) and Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox (Mexico).

Also by Jose Maria Aznar (Spain), Nicolas Ardito Barletta and Mireya Moscoso (Panama), Enrique Bolaños (Nicaragua), Eduardo Frei and Ricardo Lagos (Chile), Osvaldo Hurtado and Jamil Mahuad (Ecuador), Luis Alberto Lacalle (Uruguay), Jorge Tuto Quiroga (Bolivia), Julio Maria Sanguinetti (Uruguay) and Juan Carlos Wasmosy (Paraguay).


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