The hardware store finds its ally in digital manufacturing in Latin America

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  • Mon, 08/20/2018 - 17:06
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The hardware store components along with digital manufacturing applications are gaining strength in Latin America, applying innovative and technological trends, such as the creation of ideal temporary shelters to deal with natural disasters, under the concept of Shelter 2.0, informed their promoters today.

This theme, which emerged from the US models of emergency housing after natural disasters, has become an alternative for the countries of the region, the founder and CEO of iFurniture, Vaneza Caycho, told Efe.

The Peruvian expert, whose workshop is part of the network of "FabLab" said the objective is to demonstrate how the type of assembly allows visibility to the work done in the field combined with science, technology and carpentry.

Caycho, who will participate in Panama at the II "Expo F 2018", an International Fair of Construction Material and Tools, said the meeting will serve to expose the characteristics of these shelters, considering the design, technology and manufacturing concept.

"What we will do is making an armed or prototype of that structure to exhibit advantages such as optimizing time, quality, and efficiency," said Caycho, who plans to do it in a four- to six-hour day, with a team of twelve people next September 20 at the Atlapa Convention Center.

"The idea is that the information of this project can be used and accessible to the public and academic domain, and so take advantage of it to help other citizens who have been left homeless for some reason," said the specialist in social architecture.

Caycho said the event that will take place until September 22 will also be on "Housing and modern construction, applying digital manufacturing", in addition to the latest design trends.

She added she hopes that with the fair the construction sector will become aware of the new technological models, so that more training and courses focused on the digital transformation of the projects and materials will be provided.

Along with the dynamic theme, the fair will be a trade show with leading companies in the sector that will display their products in the areas of building fittings, tools, fasteners, construction materials and pipe connections.

Also, the hardware appointment that will include talks, workshops and professional meetings for three days, will feature the VIP Buyers Program, which will offer international companies the best opportunity to contact leading distributors in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, the Expo F Industry Annual Conference, which will bring together relevant academic and business figures, will address the following topics: Doing business in Latin America; Own Brands; Inventory Management; Loyalty Programs; Customer Service and Sales; Construction: Technology and Innovation and Negotiation with suppliers.

During the three days, Expo F 2018, organized by America Expo Group, will have a space aimed at manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, importers and exporters, chains and stores, architects, construction companies, consultants, contractors, decorators, bricolage consumers, among others.

The commercial platform will bring together about 150 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions, and more than 5,000 people are expected to attend in the three days.

In 2017, the fair brought together some 200 brands from countries such as China, Costa Rica, the United States, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Panama, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and Turkey, with a sample of hardware products, tools, systems fixing and metalworking.


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