Highlights of Donald Trump's State of the Union address

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Highlights of Donald Trump's State of the Union address
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President Donald Trump began his annual address to Congress on Tuesday night with a call for cooperation between the two parties, presenting the division of Congress in a chamber controlled by Republicans and another by Democrats as a "new opportunity in politics” for the country. “Let’s govern not as two parties, but as a nation", Trump said during his annual address on the State of the Union before Congress.

Trump presumed of a management that has resulted in an "unprecedented economic boom" during his speech: "In just two years since the elections, we have driven an unprecedented economic boom, a boom that has rarely been seen before", said Trump.

In a room where a majority of women shone in the area of Democrats over the area of the Republicans, and where the white color illuminated for the first time a State of the Union.

Democratic legislators from both houses of Congress dressed in white to attend the State of the Union speech, to highlight female power in the hemicycle and commemorate the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920, which allowed women to vote. The initiative, promoted by the member of the Lower House for Florida, the Democrat Lois Frankel, was in gratitude to the voters in the legislative elections last November, which made possible that there was a record number of women elected in Congress.

A total of 127 women -102 in the lower house and 25 in the Senate- won electoral battles in the legislative elections last November, although this number represents less than 25% of the total number of members of Congress, according to data from the Pew Research Center.

Trump said that "all Americans should be proud to have more women workers than ever" and that his administration will launch the first legislative initiative in favor of employment in developing countries. "No one has benefited more from the economic prosperity of the country than women, who have occupied 58% of the new jobs created in the last year". "And exactly one century after Congress approved the constitutional amendment that gives women the right to vote, we also have more women who serve in Congress than ever before", Trump said at the joint session of the US Congress. All those present applauded the women of both parties who attended dressed in white, and it was the most prominent moment without doubt of the second speech of the State of the Union of President Donald Trump.

For this reason, the president advanced that "as part of my commitment to improve opportunities for women everywhere" his Administration will launch on Thursday "the first initiative of the entire government focused on giving more economic power to women in the countries on process of development".

Nancy Pelosi, invited the Spanish chef José Andrés, who distributed free food to the federal workers affected by the last partial closure of the Administration, which lasted 35 days, through its non-profit organization, World Central Kitchen. Trump did not speak of the shutdown, nor of its consequences being the longest in the history of the United States.

In addition to Andrés and Florence, Pelosi also invited two transgender soldiers; Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was murdered a year ago in the shooting at Parkland High School (Florida); and Leana Wen, president of Planned Parenthood, the largest network of sexual and reproductive health clinics, among others. Trump asked Congress to pass legislation to prohibit abortion in later stages.

"Let's work together to build a culture that values innocent life", and lamented that there are procedures that can cause pain to fetuses in the mother's womb.

President Donald Trump announced that the country will commemorate two important events this year that show "the majesty of the US mission and the power of American pride": the 75th anniversary of the Second World War and the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the first man upon the Moon, one of the astronauts of that space mission, Buzz Aldrin, also attended the event in the Congress.

"We celebrate 50 years since young and brave pilots flew a quarter of a million miles across space to plant the American flag on the face of the moon", he said. Trump also advanced that "this year, American astronauts will return to space in American rockets".

"Now, we must move forward with courage in the next chapter of this great American adventure, and we must create a new one for the 21st century, an incredible quality of life for all of our citizens is within our reach", Trump promised.

The president warned today that the "ridiculous partisan investigations" against him could stop the "economic miracle" that the country is experiencing, in apparent reference to the investigation into the Russian plot by the prosecutor Robert Mueller and the investigations of the Democratic opposition.

"There is an economic miracle happening in the United States, and the only thing that can stop it is silly wars, politics, or ridiculous partisan investigations", Trump said during his annual address on the State of the Union to the US Congress.

The president was expected to talk about the famous wall, and said he will build the wall on the border with Mexico, and indicated that his administration has sent to Congress a "common sense" proposal to end the "crisis" in that country zone.

"In the past, most people in this room voted for a wall, but the right wall was never built, I'll build it", Trump said.

He set himself the goal in the term of a decade of ending the "HIV epidemic" in his country, and promised to dedicate government funds to that end and to the fight against childhood cancer. "Together, we will end AIDS in the United States and in the world" and he highlighted the "unprecedented" legislative projects carried out to contain the crisis of opiate addiction facing the country, then evaluated the judicial reform promoted by Congress and his Administration.

The president, Donald Trump, asked the Congress to approve a law of "reciprocal trade" to be able to impose tariffs on the countries that tax the products. "If another country imposes unfair tariffs on US products, we can charge them exactly the same tariff for the same product they sell to us".

According to Trump, the trade policies that have ruled for years between Beijing and Washington "have come to an end". "We are working to make it clear to China that after years of attacks on our industry, and stealing our intellectual property, the theft of American jobs and wealth have come to an end", he said.

Donald Trump defended in his speech his diplomatic approach to the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, and assured that his election as president avoided a war with North Korea of potentially global implications.

"If they had not elected me as president of the United States, right now, in my opinion, we would be in a huge war with North Korea, with millions of people potentially killed" and announced that its second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong -un, will be held in Vietnam on February 27 and 28, and defended his "historic search for peace on the Korean peninsula". Trump opened the door to negotiate a new nuclear agreement after his exit from the INF treaty with Russia that includes Moscow, China and "other" countries.

Donald Trump defended the sanctions imposed against Iran and its decision to de-link from the nuclear treaty with that country, because, according to him, Tehran is "the main state sponsor of terrorism". "To ensure that this corrupt dictatorship never acquires nuclear weapons, I withdrew the United States from Iran's disastrous nuclear agreement".

For this reason, the president said, the US applied last fall "the toughest sanctions ever imposed on a country”. "We will not turn our eyes away from a regime that sings death to the United States and threatens genocide against the Jewish people", Trump said.

The president in his speech in turn ratified his recognition of the "legitimate Government of Venezuela" and the deputy Juan Guaidó as "new interim president" of that country.

"We are with the Venezuelan people in their noble search for freedom and we condemn the brutality of the regime" of Nicolás Maduro, whose socialist policies have turned that nation into a state of extreme poverty and despair.

He spoke of trying peace in Afghanistan "the time has come" after two decades of war, he said. "We do not know if we will reach an agreement, but we do know that after two decades of war, the time has come to at least attempt peace".

In another matter, he showed his "alarm" for the "new proposals" to implement socialism in the country: "The US was founded with freedom and independence, not under the coercion, domination and control of the Government, and we will remain free". “Tonight, we renew our determination that the US would be never a socialist country", Trump concluded.

The Democrat Stacey Abrams, responsible for the response of the opposition to the speech on the State of the Union of the president, Donald Trump, today contradicted the president's boasts and said that the "factories are closing" and that "layoffs are coming".

"Instead of bringing back jobs, factories are closing, layoffs are coming and wages are struggling to keep up with the real cost of living", said Abrams, a rising Democratic star who lost elections in November for Georgia Governorate.


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