Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela is 8 days closer

Humanitarian Aid
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There is a week left for the "D Day", "Hour 0" or whatever you want to call it, the truth is that Juan Guaidó's call for the entry of humanitarian aid in Venezuela would be next February 23 and for this, he requested a giant movement of citizens who want to collaborate, as volunteers or assistants, to this event.

This has not become alien to many people in the world in any field, as is the case of singers Alejandro Sanz and the influencer Marko Music, who attended the call of Richard Brandson, multimillionaire businessman who said he hopes to "raise 100 million dollars "to donate them to the recovery of Venezuela".

The concert will count with the assured presence of Alejandro Sanz, Miguel Bose, Juanes, Ricardo Montaner, Carlos Vives, Fonseca, Luis Fonsi, Maluma, Nacho and Diego Torres, a group that has mostly been critical of the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, especially Alejandro Sanz who, even without being Venezuelan, has been a constant defender of that country with Miguel Bosé, as well as Nacho, one of the Venezuelan musicians with the greatest projection in recent years.

Although it is not known how much will be collected from this activity, Juan Guaidó, interim president of Venezuela, has managed to raise more than 100 million dollars as reported in his twitter account, through the Global Coalition for Humanitarian Aid. This money was raised at the World Conference on the Humanitarian Crisis.

Guaidó also took the opportunity to give another message to the Venezuelan Armed Forces, "it still has 8 days left to side with the Constitution", recalling the direct order he sent a few days ago from a street activity in which he pointed out that Humanitarian Aid must enter Venezuela.

In addition, the president of the National Assembly also indicated that the aid from Puerto Rico is already in Cúcuta, as well as the opening of another collection center in Miami that will be receiving various products to be sent to Venezuela.

Far from just concentrating on Humanitarian Aid, Juan Guaidó has taken considerable steps around his figure as "transition president", in which he has appointed new ambassadors in each of the countries that have recognized him, in addition to naming the new Board of directors of PDVSA and CITGO, together with the Venezuelan ambassador to the OAS to replace Samuel Moncada.

Right at this point, Moncada himself made an intervention this Friday in which he indicated that "I only will leave this chair when there is a document signed by the countries belonging to the group", making clear allusion of not abandoning the post that Nicolás Maduro designated him while he was president.

In an act that many have described as illogical in social networks (it was a trend in Venezuela), it is debated the fact that a few months ago Venezuela, under the orders of Nicolás Maduro was faced with the possibility of self-exclusion from the OAS, but now, before the designation of Guaidó, they want more than ever to keep the position.

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