JJ Rendon has received a Doctor Honoris Causa from the Cambridge Graduate University

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  • Sat, 09/17/2016 - 15:51
jj rendon, cambridge graduate university, venezuelan, political strategist
  • J.J. Rendon receiving the Doctor Honoris Causa from from the Cambridge Graduate University in Boston
  • Photo Credit: Human Rights Advocate @angeloTJ

BOSTON.- Latin America's foremost political strategist was very excited and thankful to receive this honorific recognition yesterday evening at the Cambridge Graduate University in Boston. “I FEEL HAPPY BEING USEFUL,  SOLVING PROBLEMS, UNDERSTANDING, LEARNING MORE TO BE MORE USEFUL, AND I AM GOING TO DIE DOING THAT”,  said after his “The Power of One” speech talking about the current situation in his native Venezuela, he also talked about his wish for seeing in his lifetime a democratic Cuban president elected, “One of my dreams is being the political strategist of the first democratic elected president in Cuba in the future, I hope to see that in my lifetime”, he affirmed.  "I don’t want to go back to slavery, disrespecting others, killing each other. We are not separate because of race any more, there is only one race, the human race. We have to promote what makes us feel more humans, respect, tolerance, progress, encourage people to grow not to be diminish, to compete not to be equalized, we need to be conscious of social injustice and disadvantage of other people has".

jj rendon
Photo Credit: Human Rights Advocate @angeloTJ

Venezuelan-born Rendón , the mastermind behind thousands of campaigns and political activist defending democracy and human rights. He has been dictating internationally seminars and conferences to talk about “The Power of One” movement, a platform to talk about the Venezuelan Cause. "My entire career, I've fought for democracy, equality, and civil rights”, he firmly affirms. “One person can spread one idea and be influential in a second. That’s why I call my seminars The Power of One, the power of social media has the biggest power to spread ideas.  The real POWER OF ONE is being connected with your surroundings".

It features practical strategies for political activists who wish to oppose "neo-totalitarian regimes" otherwise called "The New Face of Dictatorship”. Rendón has presented the seminar for free in over 30 cities throughout Latin America and at the TEDx conferences in Washington D.C, and in New York City for the United Nations.

jj rendon

In 2004, Rendón picked a very public fight with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, claiming on national TV that voting machines had been rigged in a recall vote and in 2013 Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro declared Rendon the number one public enemy of Venezuela and has accused him of conspiring against the government. Rendón says he faces daily death threats from Venezuela where he openly opposes what he calls the pseudo revolution.

Rendón was born in Venezuela, but the government revoked his Venezuelan passport, he claims constantly to be subjected to several human rights violations and political persecution. He hasn't been back to his homeland since.

He currently lives in the U.S, where the political mastermind and activist was recently granted political asylum. “I am against the use of “I am American” here in the U.S, sorry you are a United States citizen, we are Americans too, people from South America, Central America..”, he emphasized in his speech while the audience energetically applauded.

Rendón was named one of the most prominent Latin American consultants by the U.S.-based publication Campaigns & Elections, and inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Political Consulting of the Reed Latino. He was named one of "the 10 most important political consultants of the world" along with James Carville, Karl Rove and Mary Matalin by ABC International.  In 2014, Rendón was nominated as Political Consultant of the Year by Victory Awards and was ranked as one of the top five most prominent Latin American consultants by Campaigns & Elections in 2012.

He also has received several awards based on his constant fight against neo-totalitarian regimes as Venezuela. He was given the flag of the United States of America, after it was raised in his honor by the United States Congress in recognition of his twenty-five years of work as a political consultant. And in 2015, JJ Rendón received the Humanitarian Award for Innovation from the Humanitarian Innovation Forum (HIF) at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

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