López Obrador reinforces the border, Trump does not forget the wall

López Obrador reinforces the border, Trump does not forget the wall
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The constant statements of Donald Trump on the emergency and national security of the United States regarding the wall, have not remained in the air and in the early hours of this Wednesday, the president of Mexico, Manuel López Obrador, indicated that these issues and debates between Republicans and Democrats, are internal and belong to the North American country, refusing to respond directly any comment.

"We are not going to respond to proposals that are generated by the internal situation in the United States", the president said at his morning press conference. He also recalled that for Mexico, the "migration problem" is resolved by addressing "the causes".

"It is very clear what we have proposed, we are persuading and convincing the Government of the United States that the best thing is the development of the countries of Central America and Mexico, that there should be productivity and jobs", he added.

With the possible arrival of a new caravan of migrants to the border this same month of January, Obrador assured that the security details of the place are being reinforced, while he appreciates that Trump's position about that Mexico will pay the hypothetical full construction of the wall, is "a personal opinion".

"What we want is that the Central American migrants who come to our country, who travel through national territory, would have protection and guarantee to their human rights, and, at the same time, to know who they are and where they come from, to give them more security", he pointed.

The US president took advantage of his 8-minute television message last Tuesday night to indicate that the crisis on the border "is growing every day", with possible alarming and even fatal results according to his analysis, which for the Democratic sector is nothing more than the invention of a crisis by the president.

While Trump continues to value the option of declaring a national emergency, he considers that "the best solution" is an agreement with Congress to finance border security, the White House said today.

"It's something we're still contemplating, it's certainly something that's still on the table", Sarah Sanders, a White House spokeswoman, told reporters about the national emergency declaration on the border.

The presidential speech of 8 minutes in prime time was preceded by the uncertainty about the possibility of Trump could declare the national emergency, a mechanism that would allow him to use military funds in the construction of the border barrier.

However, the president's message was based on "a growing humanitarian and security crisis" on the southern border of the country that, according to him, requires the creation of the wall, for which he requests to be approved 5,700 million dollars.

Although the speech was short, the answer of the Democrats took even shorter, when the president of the House of Representatives pronounced, the democrat Nancy Pelosi indicated that "President Trump must stop keeping the American people hostage, stop making a crisis and must reopen the Administration".

The inability to reach a pact between Democrats and Republicans on the federal budget has forced the partial paralysis of the Administration, which already meets the day number 19.

In addition to various agencies that have had to suspend some of their functions due to lack of resources, about 420,000 employees considered essential have continued working without earning salary, while another 380,000 remain on leave, also without compensation, local media recalled.

Trump, who will meet on Wednesday with the Democratic leadership, will move next Thursday to the southern border, where he will meet with the authorities to see directly the situation in the area.


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