López Obrador responds to alleged increase in executions in his first month as president

López Obrador
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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, celebrated his first month of government by affirming in a message dedicated to Mexicans, on the occasion of the New Year, that he has reasons to be optimistic and that he thinks it will be good for them. "The transformation of the country has already begun, and this will give us good results, this will bear fruit," the Mexican president said in a video message posted on his social networks.

He commented that until now he has been able to establish the path to recovery and economic growth with the approval of a budget that will allow for sufficient resources to do so. The salaries of senior officials were reduced and those of low-wage staff increased and a type of government marked by austerity was established.

While on the eve of the New Year, President López Obrador stressed that he will place special attention on lowering the level of insecurity that Mexicans demand; today he pointed out a serious criticism towards the newspaper Reforma, pointing out that they make sensationalist journalism. This accusation is due, according to the president, to "Today in Reforma, in eight columns, it is said that the violence is triggered in the time we are in. This is how conservatism acts, but what they say is not true", he said in his morning press conference.

According to the newspaper Reforma in the month of December (López Obrador's first month as president of Mexico), 887 executions were carried out, which compared to the month of November (last month of Enrique Peña Nieto's mandate) registered an increase of 65%.

"This newspaper has slandered on other occasions, has not been serious enough to rectify. (...) They work yellow journalism. It is not serious nor honest or attached to reality", said the leftist leader.

Mexico closed 2017 with 31,174 homicides, the highest figure in two decades, according to data from the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (Inegi). To reduce this number, the Mexican president presented the Youth Recruitment Plan for the National Guard, in which 50,000 young people will be recruited to reinforce the country's security. "Those who are going to belong to the National Guard will have the mission of taking care of the citizens", said the current President of Mexico.

Also among the figures that stand out from the year 2018 in Mexico is the historical maximum reached by remittances. Between January and November, there was an increase of 10.89% over the same period of 2017, accounting for a total of 30,527.29 million dollars received from citizens residing abroad. Only in November, Mexico received 2,911 million dollars, a figure higher than the 2,421 million dollars of the same month of 2017.

Remittances, which come mainly from Mexicans in the United States, represent the second source of foreign currency in the country after automotive exports and constitute an important income for millions of people.


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