Lula Remains in Prison for Conviction in the Second Instance

Lula Remains in Prison for Conviction in the Second Instance
  • EFE

A few days ago, the news of a possible release of the former president of Brazil, Lula Da Silva, was announced, alleging a precautionary measure that would allow the freedom of the South American politician according to Judge Marco Aurelio Mello, sought protection in that the defendants with convictions in each instance should be released until a higher court dictates a different order.

Transit in court (end of the entire appeals process) and the high degree of overcrowding, were the legal arguments of this magistrate who saw how his counterpart of the Supreme Court of Brazil, Antonio Dias Toffoli, annulled the order issued just the day that the judicial organ went into recess until February.

The arrest of Lula since last April 7 in the federal prison of Curitiba, responds to a twelve-year sentence process issued in the second instance, the same one that is missing two appeals and is included in the web of corruption that blew up in Brazil at the beginning of 2018.

At the same time, it was known through La Estrella de Panama that the Attorney General of Brazil, Raquel Dodge, filed a complaint of corruption and bribery against Michel Temer, outgoing president of this nation to the detriment of Bolsonaro in this complaint, five more people are included.

This measure, the second against Temer on corruption issues, is linked to the port sector with the company Rodrimar as the most favored after the sanction issued by Temer that allowed the alteration in the law of ports during his interim. It is speculated that up to R$ 32.6 million were paid to Temer to make this decision, according to the investigation in which the Federal Police collaborated.

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