Magistrates of Latin America share justice practices for women

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  • Mon, 10/01/2018 - 14:55
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The Judicial Branch of Guatemala today inaugurated the 17th Ibero-American Magistrates Meeting of the highest Justice Bodies, with 32 representatives from different countries to share experiences and practices in the search for justice for women.

The meeting, which will close on October 2, began with a performance by the dance group of maestro Fernando Navichoque and included welcome remarks from Guatemalan magistrate María Eugenia Morales; the representative of the Justice and Gender Foundation, Evelyn Morataya, and the president of the Supreme Court, José Antonio Pineda.

Morales highlighted the fact that so many excellent women were gathered in such a significant space of justice in Guatemala to reach a constructive deal between the Ibero-American countries, where, she said, "we all have similar challenges."

While Morataya, who was recognized by the Supreme for her career, explained that, despite the progress made since 17 years ago in terms of equality, there is still much to be done.

Pineda, on the other hand, said at the inauguration of the event of the magistrates of the high justice agencies that everyone was "welcome to the land of the sun, the marimba and the beautiful women".

He added that it was an honor for Guatemala to host such an important event, whose objective is "to comprehensively converge to the respect of women's human rights for Ibero-America".

This meeting, which will address the administration of justice from a gender perspective, in addition to the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Guatemala, will have the participation of representatives of the high judicial bodies of El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Dominican Republic , Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Spain, among others.


Source: EFE

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