Nancy Pelosi recognizes Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela

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After having assumed the responsibilities of interim president in Venezuela, Juan Guaidó has gone from stage to stage presenting the "Country Plan" in which he shows the actions to be taken until Nicolás Maduro abandons completely the Executive that he keeps kidnapped, according to words of Guaidó.

With the protection of article 233 of the Constitution of Venezuela, Guaidó assumed as interim president with the functions that correspond to him as president of the National Assembly, so that until now he has appointed ambassadors in the countries that have recognized him in his temporary position, and for that he has been discredited by pro Maduro sector.

A few days ago, Nicolás Maduro indicated that Guaidó must call elections in 30 days in his role as interim president, which would expire on February 23. This clarification, beyond the logic that implies, allow the question if Maduro accepts the position of Guaidó as president and his own illegitimacy in the position.

To face this dilemma, the National Assembly (NA) chaired by Guaidó himself, assured through deputy Mateus that his time will be renewed by means of some concession, since the beginning of the 30 days should be taken once Maduro "ceases the usurpation of the post ", however, this measure would not be contemplated in the Constitution and this same Friday the Supreme Court of Justice chaired by Maikel Moreno, pronounced against the" nullity "of the possible measure.

For its part, Guaidó continues to ignore the declarations of this political sector of Venezuela and to do each of the steps he has proposed, such as the reception of humanitarian aid announced to reach three different points in South America. Colombia is the first and Cúcuta already has a large number of boxes of food and supplies.

Given the situation, Maduro and his group have blocked every access to Venezuela to prevent the entry of these boxes, ensuring that this is part of a strategy such as "the Trojan horse" and seek to enter and alter "the sovereignty of Venezuela.

Due to this measure, Puerto Rico would have sent an aircraft of supplies recently that according to its authorities, is already in the South American country, at least this is reflected in the statements taken in the CNN “Conclusions” program.

Andorra and Malta joined the movement in favor of Guaidó and recognized him as president in charge, at the same time that Germany confiscated 5 million euros from accounts of different representatives of the Maduro administration, assuring that they will be destined to the humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

The last to speak was the president of the Chamber of Deputies of the United States, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who after a week of peace in the United States accepted the position of Donald Trump and recognizes Guaidó as president in charge of Venezuela, adding pressure to Maduro that sees how inside the United States even the most explicit rivals join opinion against him.


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