Nicaragua crisis has left at least 545 dead and 4,533 injured, according to NGO

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  • Fri, 11/23/2018 - 17:03
Nicaragua crisis has left at least 545 dead and 4,533 injured, according to NGO
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Nicaragua’s sociopolitical crisis has left at least 545 dead and 4,533 injured since April 18, in the context of protests against the government of President Daniel Ortega, reported today the Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (ANPDH).

The number of victims, which is higher than the 535 reported by the ANPDH on November 10, is included in a "preliminary report on the consequences of Nicaraguan civic protest as a human right," explained the executive secretary of the humanitarian agency Álvaro Leiva.

The number of injured also rose from 4,353 to 4,533 so far this November, according to the organization that has taken a critical position from that of the Executive.

The Nicaraguan government has so far recognized 199 deaths during this crisis, which it describes as an attempted coup that has already been defeated.

Also, the humanitarian agency reported 1,315 citizens "kidnapped" by paramilitary groups, and they are missing or imprisoned unjustly.

In addition, 472 anti-government protesters have been released by management of the ANPDH and the Catholic Church, which acts as witness and mediator of a national dialogue that has been suspended since last July.

Another 20 officers of the National Police have been released through the mediation of that agency and the Episcopate, he added.

This NGO registers 47 homes destroyed by paramilitary groups in the context of the crisis and that 40 other houses have been besieged and looted by police and unauthorized armed groups.

Local humanitarian agencies maintain that there are at least 610 "political prisoners" in Nicaragua, while the government affirms that there are 273 detainees that they call "terrorists", "coup leaders" and "common criminals".

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Acnudh) has blamed the Government for "more than 300 deaths", as well as extrajudicial executions, torture, arbitrary detention, among others, accusations that President Ortega rejects.

The anti-government demonstrations began with failed social security reforms, which were annulled, and became a requirement for the resignation of President Ortega, with 11 consecutive years in office, and his wife and vice president, Rosario Murillo.


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