Panama condemns in an energetic way "terrorist act" of the ELN in Colombia

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  • Sat, 01/19/2019 - 13:16
Ciudadanos y policías participan en un plantón frente a la Escuela de Cadetes de Policía General Francisco de Paula Santander, en Bogotá
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Panama strongly condemns the terrorist act perpetrated by the guerrilla of the Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN) in Colombia against the Cadet School of the General Police of Santander that took the life of 21 people and left more than 60 injured, including 4 Panamanian students.

The Panamanian Government also expressed its support to the "firm appeal of the Colombian President, Iván Duque, to the release of the hostages and the immediate cessation of violence by this guerrilla organization, as a condition to resume dialogue between the parties", said a statement from the Chancellery of Panama.

Panama also reiterated its "solidarity with the Colombian people in the face of this tragic event" and stressed that "it supports all actions of its government and judicial authorities to clarify the facts, determine the intellectual actors of this criminal act and its sources of funding, as well as guarantee peace in the brother country of Colombia".

The Panamanian Foreign Ministry recalled that the president, Juan Carlos Varela, has indicated to his Colombian counterpart that Panama "will continue working hand in hand with Colombia and the region to redouble efforts against organized crime and drug trafficking, to contribute to the security of the region".

The Colombian government attributed this Friday to the guerrilla of the ELN the authorship of the terrorist attack against the School of Police Cadets in Bogota that yesterday left at least 21 dead, including the attacker, and 68 wounded.

The attack was perpetrated on the morning of last Thursday with a car bomb loaded with 80 kilos of the explosive pentolite that was detonated inside the School of Cadets of the General Police Francisco de Paula Santander, in the south of Bogotá


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