Putin fully supports Nicolás Maduro

Putin fully supports Nicolás Maduro
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Last Wednesday the presidents of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and Russia, Vladimir Putin, met in Moscow, Russia, seeking to review and strengthen the existing agreements and also, the new ones to sign, highlighting the economic, productive and political issues, with "unconditional support" by the European president.

Putin said he was not on the sidelines of the situation in Venezuela, so despite the blockade that the Venezuelan leader has with the US and the fact that a large part of the EU is against him, this will not be a limitation to continue supporting the policies adopted in the leadership of the Latin American nation.

After the meeting, the Venezuelan leader assured via twitter that important agreements had been signed between both nations, as well as recognizing that the head of the Kremlin expressed all his support for the future in any of the issues that Venezuela so need.

The situation in Venezuela continues in a tailspin after the decisions taken by the Government, which constantly increases salaries and changes in the social investment policy, so that the shortage of medicines, food and the low quality of life, are increasingly frequent and serious. This could end up exploding with the recent OPEC measure to lower the quota of oil production, the main product of this nation.

Given the possibility of significantly reducing the amount of oil that each member of OPEC can produce, Nicolás Maduro would enter a crossroads, since he needs a large amount of oil to pay off debts with Cuba, China and Russia, main partners, as well as how to send the sales quotas to the United States, where he gets the necessary dollars for the sustenance of Venezuela.

This was exactly one of the topics of conversation taken into account in the meeting between Putin and Maduro on Wednesday, although no details were known about it. For now he will continue with the same details and rules until further notice or a considerable change in OPEC.

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