SICA announces the need for integration in Central America

  • EFE

Vinicio Cerezo, general secretary of the Central American Integration System (SICA), says that the caravan of Latino migrants heading to the United States demonstrates first of all that the region's capacities are not up to the mark, so the Integration is more necessary than ever at this time for the entire region.

The former president of Guatemala associated this situation to the massive flight of Central Americans between 1960 and 1990, without forgetting that "the failed international struggle against drug trafficking, political variables, manipulation, and even external economic and social variables, have put Central America in the middle of a kind of war, "according to EFE.

With special emphasis on the issue of drug trafficking and violence, Cerezo says that Central America faces "historical and structural challenges that we have not been able to leave behind", without forgetting that the different governments of the region have laid important foundations to achieve this.

Calling for the integration and union of the responsible countries of 45 million inhabitants, Vinicio said that "we need to generate more opportunities, true levels of development, we must build prosperous societies, Central America is not utopia, we must be able to build the Central American dream. "

This message, diffused on Thursday morning to the attendees of the 47th Ordinary Meeting of the Central American Commission of Directors of Migration (OCAM), in which Guatemala also assumed the Pro Témpore presidency of the organization, transferred by Belize.


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