Trump achieves an atmosphere of peace in the United States after State of Union speech

  • EFE

After Donald Trump's State of Union speech on Tuesday, the atmosphere in the United States seems to have taken on a climate of peace in which Democrats and Republicans are going through the same route, according to the freedom for Venezuela from "the dictatorship of Maduro" and above all, despite criticism of the president, employment, economy and social security rates have not stopped increasing in the American nation.

Thanking all the presents, protagonists and friends of the Union speech in the Senate, Trump also appeared to his annual medical check-up in which he was indicated that he enjoys "perfect health", so the former tycoon has stage for a lot more time, something that is among his plans.

This week in which opinions and positions have been approached between him and Nancy Pelosi, the possibility of launching into the elections of 2020 in search of what would be his hypothetical second and last term at the head of the United States.

With the measure of the opening of the public administration after its longest closure in history, the issue seems buried and in fact, the very issue of the border wall no longer appears in his speech in the same way, although it does appear in an indirect way in some of his subjects.

For now, Trump is working on "contribute to the freedom of the people of Venezuela, to take away the weight of the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro". This week, Pompeo and Pence have made statements in which the South American country is linked to terrorist and guerrilla cells, which they consider a threat to their own nation, beyond the "liberation" they are planning.

So far, there is only one negative thing in this week of council in the United States and it is Trump's position not to reveal the identity of the killers of journalist Khashoggi, who raised a great controversy between his country and the East of the planet, as well as now the proposal of the senators to reveal these identities.


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