Trump and Kim Jong-un will meet alone during their summit in Vietnam

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  • Fri, 02/22/2019 - 12:09
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The US president, Donald Trump, and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, will meet alone at some point of their second summit next week in Vietnam, which will have a format similar to that of historic first meeting between the two held last June in Singapore.

The summit scheduled for February 27 and 28 in Hanoi "will be similar in format to what they saw in Singapore", a senior US official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told a telephone press conference on Monday.

"There will be an opportunity for both to meet alone, share a meal and hold meetings with their respective delegations", he added.

The president, Donald Trump, will seek at the summit next week with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, to agree on a "shared definition" of what the denuclearization of North Korea implies, after months of stagnation in the negotiations on that topic.

"We are looking for a shared definition of what denuclearization is, which is a high priority at this summit", scheduled for February 27 and 28 in Hanoi, Vietnam, said in a statement today a senior official, who requested anonymity, in a telephone press conference.

Instead, the country does not plan to engage in this summit with a withdrawal of South Korean troops, despite rumors that Washington may be negotiating a non-binding declaration of the end of the Korean War, which ended only with a armistice in 1953.

In Singapore, both leaders met for 38 minutes alone before making way for meetings with their respective delegations, and many wondered what Trump would say to Kim in that first contact.

More speculation was still generated by Trump's solo meeting a month later in Helsinki with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, with whom he spent more than two hours with the only company of his translators.

The new summit with Kim will aim to agree on a "shared definition" of what the denuclearization of North Korea entails, after months of stagnation in negotiations on that issue, according to the aforementioned official.

Trump has also talked lately about the possible economic future of North Korea, and its advantageous location between Russia and China, so it is expected to impact on that issue.

"After breaking the ice in June, Trump wants to talk more in depth now about the kind of future that North Korea could enjoy if it fulfills its commitment to complete and definitive denuclearization", the source explained. EFEUSA


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