Trump defends Saudi Arabia and says in caravans there are "criminals

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  • Thu, 11/22/2018 - 21:26
  • EFE

US President Donald Trump held a teleconference today with military personnel stationed abroad to thank them for their work, but defended Saudi Arabia despite the "atrocity" of the murder of Jamal Khasoggi and ensuring that in the immigrant caravans there are "criminals".

"No borders, no country," Trump stressed from one of the salons of his private club Mar-a-Lago, in South Florida, where he has been since Tuesday to spend a few days off for Thanksgiving.

The president extolled in his telephone conversation the "good job" done by the troops in Afghanistan and other countries for the United States can be "safe, strong and free" but also referred to the "incredible work" of the troops deployed on the border with Mexico.

In a subsequent press conference he spoke about different hot topics including relations with Saudi Arabia after the murder of the journalist Khasoggi, the judicial decisions that halt his immigration policy and the border with Mexico, warning that it could close if "there is no control " in the other side.

Although he defined the killing of Khasoggi as an "atrocity", he assured that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has not reached a "definitive conclusion" on the implications and that the Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salmán denies "with vehemence" having any relationship with his death.

He stressed that Saudi Arabia is a "strong ally" of the United States that is also doing its part to keep oil prices low, something that the US wants.

On the border with Mexico he insisted that he will not allow anyone to enter the country illegally and assured that in the immigrants caravan there are "extremely dangerous criminals".


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