Trump emphasizes "productive dialog" with North Korea and says he has avoided war

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  • Sun, 01/06/2019 - 18:36
Donald Trump
  • Donald Trump
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The president, Donald Trump, said he maintains a "productive dialogue" with North Korea and indicated that if it had not reached the White House, a war with that country would have occurred.

"When I arrived here, this country was heading for a war with North Korea, and now, we have a very positive dialogue," Trump told reporters shortly before moving to Camp David and join a weekend retreat to debate with Republican leaders the legislative priorities of 2018.

The president added that if he had not arrived at the White House, there would be a "very big" war in Asia at this time.

He also indicated that they are in negotiations to choose where their next appointment with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will take place.

Last Wednesday, Trump said he received a "formidable" letter from Kim telling he is willing to hold a second meeting.

That day, stressed that both "have established a very good relationship" but said there is "no urgency" to organize the meeting.

The US president said that a "very big war" would have happened in Asia if he had not agreed to meet with Kim last year with the intention of "accomplishing a deal" to reduce tensions between their respective countries.

In his New Year message, the North Korean leader warned that if the US does not lower the political and economic sanctions against his country, he will be forced to break his compromises with Washington.

However, he did not specify the alternative measures he refers, but on previous occasions, the Pyongyang regime has threatened to develop its nuclear program in response to US sanctions. and of the United Nations.

In his speech, Kim also indicated his willingness to a second meeting.

Trump responded on Tuesday night with Twitter: he "anticipates meeting a leader who realizes that North Korea has enormous, economic potential."


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