Trump says Ivanka would be a great UN ambassador, but she takes herself out of it

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  • Wed, 10/10/2018 - 13:44
Ivanka Trump
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President Donald Trump said today that his daughter and adviser Ivanka would be an "great" US ambassador to the UN, but she took herself out of running for that position, something that would unleash criticism because of her nepotistic nature.

"I've heard a lot of names. I've heard Ivanka. I think Ivanka would be great (...) Ivanka would be dynamite," Trump told reporters at the White House before getting on his helicopter bound for Iowa.

"That doesn't mean I'd pick her, because you'd be accused of nepotism, even though I'm not sure there's anybody more competent in the world," he added.

The laws on nepotism would affect a position like that of the UN, which requires confirmation from the Senate, which does not happen with the informal position that Ivanka now holds at the White House.

Ivanka herself wanted to completely put the rumors to rest in a tweet: "it is an honor to serve in the White House alongside so many great colleagues".

"I know that the President will nominate a formidable replacement for Ambassador Haley. That replacement will not be me," Ivanka added.

The current ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, gave rise to speculation about Ivanka during the ceremony at the White House where she announced today that she will leave office at the end of the year, as she throws herself in praise to her and her husband, Jared Kushner. 

"Ivanka has just been a great friend. They do a lot of things behind the scenes that I wish more people knew about," Haley said.

The conservative commentator Ann Coulter tweeted then that Trump "should replace Haley with Ivanka", and Twitter was filled with messages about it.

Trump confirmed, meanwhile, that he will consider Dina Powell, who advised him in foreign policy during his first year in office and is very close to Ivanka.

"Dina is certainly someone I would consider," Trump said, while the CNBC television network claimed that the White House has already held talks on the issue with Powell, who is now executive of the financial firm Goldman Sachs.

Other names mentioned for the position are American ambassadors in Canada, Kelly Craft; and in Germany, Richard Grenell, who this year sparked controversy in Berlin by expressing support for European far-right groups.


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