Trump threatens with "retaliation" against Democrats if they investigate him

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  • Thu, 11/08/2018 - 09:27
Trump threatens with "retaliation" against Democrats if they investigate him
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By Lucia Leal

US President, Donald Trump, today agreed to reach agreements with the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, but threatened to close the door to that cooperation and "halt the Government" with a political "retaliation" if they open investigations against him.

Although he lost control of one of the two houses of Congress in the midterm elections on Tuesday, Trump today described as "amazing" and "historic" the result obtained by his party, and hinted that his impending battle with the strengthened opposition to the Executive will benefit him ahead of his reelection campaign in 2020.

"If that happens, we're going to do the same thing, and the government would come to a halt, and we’re going to blame them," Trump said at a White House press conference.

"I could see it being extremely good for me politically because I think I'm better at that game than they are," he added.

When asked if he would not be able to negotiate with the Democrats on legislative issues while opposing any investigation against him, Trump said no.

"If they do that, then it’s just – all this is a warlike posture," he said, and added that "both cannot be done simultaneously".

In a morning tweet, Trump had threatened to use the Republican control of the Senate to open investigations against Democrats for "leakage of confidential information" and other issues, in case they decide to inquire about him.

The Democrats, who will take the reins of the House in January, have vowed to reopen the Intelligence Committee's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections, as well as investigate some of Trump's policies and use its power to demand statements from President's taxes.

Trump has rejected the presidential tradition of publishing his income statement annually, and today insisted that those documents "are under audit" and are extremely complex that "people would not understand them".

The president combined those threats with praise for Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who would be the next president of the Chamber of Representatives, whom he had criticized harshly during the election campaign.

"I give Pelosi a great deal of credit, she has worked hard to get things done. I hope we can all get back to work," he said.

Trump hoped to reach agreements with the Democrats on issues such as "infrastructure and health", and even hinted that negotiating with a Democratic majority in the House can give better legislative results than those obtained so far, with a Congress controlled by Republicans.

"It could be a beautiful bipartisan situation," he said.

After losing control of both houses of Congress in 2006, then-President George W. Bush admitted that they had "beaten" his party; while Barack Obama summed up the result of the legislative of 2010 as "a beating", after the Republicans snatched the dominance in the House.

But Trump did not want to acknowledge any kind of defeat in the elections on Tuesday, and insisted that his party achieved "something very close to a complete victory."

"I really think we have a very good chance of getting along with the Democrats," he said.

The president focused his campaign on the Senate, and today focused his triumphalist speech on the slight reinforcement of the Republican majority in that chamber, where his party is expected to achieve two or three more seats.

"Last night the Republican Party challenged history to expand our majority in the Senate ... This election marks the biggest advance in the Senate of a president's party in his first term since at least (President John F.) Kennedy in 1962," he said.

Trump mentioned several conservative candidates who lost the elections and attributed those defeats of his party to the fact that the candidates did embrace him sufficiently.

"Mia Love gave me no love, and she lost, what a shame," he said regarding a candidate for a seat in Utah.


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