Trump wants the wall, even if he has to declare a national emergency

 Trump wants the wall, even if he has to declare a national emergency
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The first quarter of fiscal year 2019 showed numbers that could worry the US economy, seeing how Apple, one of the strongest companies in this country, has some low numbers. But if there is someone who does not care is the president of the nation, Donald Trump, who was calm before the fact and even has the solution.

After his speech for media this Friday at the White House, Trump said he is not worried about what happened with Apple at the beginning of this 2019 and that he even talked with Tim Cook, CEO of this company, to "bring those great and beautiful production plants to the United States”, referring to the production of their merchandise in China.

"China benefits from Apple much more than us, it's illogical. That's why I want Apple to come to our country to produce its cell phones and modern devices, I know that will happen", emphasized Trump referring to the conversation with Cook, who also indicated is a" great friend".

While the stock market throws numbers down for Apple, Trump said that for two years, when he took the oval office, has revalued and does not worry, because the real numbers, the end of the period for October - December 2018, will be published in February of this year.

And although the economy has presented some considerable declines in the United States, the Shutdown remains. And while the Democrats indicate that the top leader of the nation threatened that this closure can extend months or years, Trump, at the same press conference, said that the meeting with the opposition caucus was quite productive.

"We have had a very productive meeting with the president (of the Lower House, Nancy) Pelosi and the (Democratic Senate minority leader, Chuck) Schumer, we are on the same path, we want to reopen the administration", Trump said.

At the same time and against his previous words, the president showed the possibility of declaring a national emergency to build the wall, considering that security is not a game and that "if I want, I can do it".

"We can declare a national emergency and build it very quickly... I have not done it, but maybe I will, but if we can do it through a negotiation, we will try... We have explained that what we need is 5.600 million dollars. We are talking about national security, it is not a game... We are not going to open the government until this problem is solved", Trump emphasized.

During the presidential address, it was also known that three judges of the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia indicated that the veto promoted by the Trump government to the transgender military in 2017 did not have to be vetoed. "We must recognize that the plan of (former Secretary of Defense, Jim) Mattis is based on a professional judgment of appropriate military officers and seems to allow some transgender people to serve in the Army, according to the established standards of mental health, physical and sex", indicated in their writing.

In March 2018, the US Defense Secretary indicated that while the already established military with any change of sex should not be expelled, those with a history of this operation should not be admitted, as well as expelling those who plan to do so in a future.


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