Trump warns that federal shutdown could be prolonged for "a long time"

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  • Sat, 01/12/2019 - 19:40
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US President Donald Trump warned on Saturday that the closure of the Administration could be prolonged for "a long time," while at the same time he insisted that the Democratic opposition must accept the border wall to face what it considers "a humanitarian crisis."

"We have a huge humanitarian crisis on our southern border, we will be closed for a long time unless the Democrats return from their "vacations" and return to work," he said in his Twitter account.

Trump's words are produced after 22 days of the partial administration shutdown, what is considered the longest federal suspension in the United States.

"I'm in the White House ready to sign a law," he said.

Yesterday, the president lowered the tone and delayed a possible national emergency declaration to reassign military funds towards the construction of the border wall with Mexico, an idea that had taken force in the last dates and that would put an end to the budget blockade.

Trump had reiterated in recent days that he will "probably" declare this national emergency to fulfill one of its star electoral promises, the wall, due to the "border crisis" that the country is experiencing.

Since last December 22, Trump has insisted on including funds for the border barrier construction in federal budgets, a proposal that has clashed with the new Democratic majority in the lower house.

The majority of senators and both parties’ members of the House of Representatives have gone home, away from Washington, to spend the weekend with their families as usual, even though the partial administrative closure entered today in its twenty-second day.

As a result, the 25% of the Administration closure is prolonged, a situation that affects nearly 800,000 employees who have stopped receiving their salary and has disrupted the operation of different tourist areas or the agencies' activities that have not been assigned new resources.

According to a study by the S & P Global Ratings agency, the partial closure of the Administration has presumed a loss of 3,600 million dollars since its beginning and, if it lasts two more weeks, it will add 6,000 million, a cost higher than the 5,700 million that the White House has required to build the wall with Mexico.


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