US priest promotes Panama for the WYD

US priest promotes Panama for the WYD
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Father Sylvester Kwiatkowski of the San Juan Bautista Catholic Church in California visited several Panamanian tourist sites to promote the upcoming World Youth Day 2019 in Panama , said the Tourism Authority.

Under the guidance of the International Communications Department of the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), Kwiatkowski, of Polish origin, visited the Miraflores Visitor Center of the Panama Canal, the monumental complex of the Historical Centre of the Panamanian capital, the Museum of the Biodiversity and the indigenous community Emberá Quera.

In his stay of one week, the parish priest participated in meetings related to the religious event, which he predicted will be a great opportunity for the Central American country to promote its beauty and wealth.

"During JMJ in Panama we will celebrate once again the unity of different cultures, traditions and Christian churches as a great family that Jesus Christ has united," said the religious.

The ATP reported that two priests from Church of St. John the Baptist have committed to attend the activity with Father Kwiatkowski, who is in charge of a congregation of 4,000 families totaling about 10,000 people.

Kwiatkowski said he has faith that the group of participants will increase, because he recognizes that some people will wait to decide until the last moment.

With the celebration of JMJ 2019, he expressed that his parish will be able to live the hospitality of the Panamanian people and appreciate its culture, music, dances and the great faith of the people.

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