The US refreshes relations with the Asian continent

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Just one day after the meeting between the United States and China, the North American nation has already thrown the first dart to warn the Asian country about their relationship with Taiwan, asking to stop with the existing coercion and to meet with their neighbors and seek for a solution for their differences through dialogue.

The comments by Amanda Mansour, de facto US ambassador in Taipei, reported by the Taiwanese state agency CNA, came after several senators and US lawmakers backed Taiwan after the speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping last week when he refused to Discard the use of military force to achieve reunification with the island.

"The United States has a deep and constant interest in cross-strait peace and stability, and any resolution of their differences must be peaceful and based on the will of the people on both sides," said Mansour when referring to Xi's speech.

Taiwan, on the other hand, promised to support the US president policy, Donald Trump, for a free and open Indo-Pacific, which, according to many experts, seeks to counteract the growing influence of China in the area.

At the time of this declaration, it was known that South Korean President Moon Jae-in indicated his willingness to the United States and North Korea meeting, with Trump and Kim Jong-un in a second summit that approaches postures in the nuclear issue that has such an impact on the planet.

"I think President Kim's visit to China is a sign that the second summit between North Korea and the United States is not far away. China has been playing a positive role in the inter-Korean dialogue process, as well as in the talks between the United States and North Korea," Luna said, according to the Yonhap news agency.

At the televised press conference at Cheong Wa Dae's presidential office, he also urged Pyongyang to take more concrete steps to denuclearize the regime.

"I believe that North Korea needs to take practical measures of denuclearization with greater audacity if it wants to resolve the international sanctions issue because the issue of international sanctions depends on the denuclearization process speed in North Korea," Moon said, although he emphasized the need for the international community to show reciprocal steps to accelerate the process.

Kim's visit to China this week was the fourth one during the last year and occurred in the preparations for a second meeting between Kim and US President Donald Trump to resume denuclearization talks.


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