Venezuelan arrested for prostitution in Panama rejects accusations: "I never prostituted women"

A file photo of Angelica Elena Hansen Lopez
  • A file photo of Angelica Elena Hansen Lopez
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CARACAS.- Angelica Elena Hansen Lopez, the Venezuelan woman who was arrested by Science policy in Venezuela on January 21 for trafficking crime, rejected the allegations Sunday in an interview for a local Venezuelan newspaper 'Version Final'.

"I never prostituted women in Panama ... I did not force anyone to do anything wrong, I came to Panama to work normally, like any other person, I was the one who made the decision to be a sexual services, but I did not take anyone to do the work with me. I never prostituted women in Panama, "Lopez said.

Hansen, 33, says she came two years ago to the Central American country to work in a clothing store, but only a month later began to penetrate prostitution through web pages. She charged $ 100 for his services and claims that the same woman who reported her was a companion.

According to the Venezuelan media, her extradition was denied to Panama to serve her sentence.

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