Venezuelans take to the streets in cities worldwide calling for freedom

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  • Mon, 02/04/2019 - 08:42
Venezolanos en Panamá
  • EFE

From different cities, Venezuelan citizens attended the call entitled "The World is with Venezuela". The protest had massive participation inside and outside the South American country territory. In Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, the act was headed by the interim president, Juan Guaido, who announced the arrival of humanitarian assistance to that nation. "We already have three humanitarian assistance pick-up sites: the first one will be Cucuta, Colombia, and there are two more sites that we will announce in the coming days, but I can tell you that one site will be located in Brazil and the other one in a Caribbean island."

Meanwhile, from Caracas, Guaido announced the arrival of humanitarian assistance for Venezuela but without determining the date. Citizens of the South American country living in cities such as Bogota, Panama City, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Miami, among others, raised slogans in favor of the interim president of Venezuela and the restoration of democratic order: cessation of usurpation, transitional government, and free elections.

Several international artists headed by the Spanish singer-songwriter, Alejandro Sanz, raised their voice in favor of Venezuela, through a video that circulated on social networks.

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