Where is Leopoldo López: Proof of Life, true or false ?

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CARACAS .- Leopoldo López is not another political prisoner of the Venezuelan regime. He is a charismatic and controversial political opposition leader, who before handing himself over the Venezuelan authorities in 2014, had a profile of a presidential candidate and a promising political future, linked to his family heritage and privileged formation.

Wednesday left a new record of the crisis in Venezuela: brutal repression, more dead, looting, the irregular action of the public force and a President who goes ahead with his plans to cling to power.

At the end of the day, a rumor stoke the fire of the tense Venezuelan environment. Journalist Leopoldo Castillo wrote a tweet stating that Leopoldo López would have entered without vital signs to the Military Hospital of Caracas. After the anxiety and little information to prove this incident, former president of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello broadcasted a video to deny the information in his night program.

The wife of the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopodo López, Lilian Tintori, questioned the message of "proof of life" spread and assured that she will insist until seeing her husband.

"I cannot provide any accurate information until I see Leopoldo and he tells me what is happening, not in an edited video of Diosdado Cabello, whom I believe nothing," Tintori told reporters from the Ramo Verde military prison, on the outskirts of Caracas.

"I will not be quiet until I see Leopoldo in person," she said.

Tintori went to the prison where López has been held for more than three years after visiting a military hospital in the Venezuelan capital, after a series of reports ensured that the founder of the political opposition party Voluntad Popular was abruptly transferred to the health center.

The wave of rumors ceased after Cabello, in his television program on the State channel, broadcasted a video message of López from his cell stating that he is well.

"I do not understand why one wants to provide a proof of life at the moment, I send the message to my family and my children that I am well," says the opponent in the message.

Tintori has said in previous opportunities that López has been under a regime of isolation for more than a month, which, he says, has prevented his ralatives and lawyers from visiting him.

The opposition activist questioned that López is actually in the military prison and said that the video does not prove the situation of her husband.

"Visits are prohibited, but Diosdado is allowed to record videos of Leopoldo," Tintori said, also questioning the performance of the prison guards.

The wife of the politician accused Cabello and Nicolás Maduro’s government of spreading the information on the alleged López’s transfer to a military hospital to divert attention from the anti-government protest staged on Wednesday in Caracas that left another young man dead and more than 200 wounded.

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