White House restores Jim Acosta’s press pass

White House restores Jim Acosta’s press pass
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After CNN's complaints against the White House for violating the Fifth and First Amendment of the Constitution (freedom of speech and due process), last Friday CNN reporter Jim Acosta's credential was returned, after the incident where American President Donald Trump decided to suspend the journalist’s press pass while questioning the president on migration in an electoral act.

Although this return was part of an ordinance issued by a federal judge, its 14-day duration would be the maximum time that Acosta would be with his credential, since after hearing the news the journalist received a letter in which he was referred once the deadline expires, the pass would be withdrawn again, according to CNN correspondent Brian Selter.

Faced with the fact, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, spokeswoman for the White House, noted that the pass would be restored, as it happened, but she did not mention the length of this permission for the journalist who works with the site as the main space for work. During the legal process in court, media such as Associated Press, Bloomberg, NBC News, The New York Times and Fox News were in favor of CNN.

Similarly, the White House restored Jim Acosta’s pass on Monday, with new rules as explained by his spokesman, emphasizing that now journalists will be entitled to a single question and that they can always do it upon decision of Trump or the person in charge of the press conference.

Regarding the measure, CNN said that the complaint is no longer necessary since the pass was completely restored, so they hope that in the future Acosta can continue to cover the White House normally.

CNN lawyers said that they withdraw the claim without any type of position, prejudice or addition in the matter. The letter received on Monday, again lacks expiration date for the journalist's pass, so it can be assumed that the permanent status remains in effect.

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