William Barr assures that the Russian plot investigation will be carried out

William Barr
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Since Michael Cohen has mentioned the involvement of Donald Trump in the "Russian plot", the accusations do not cease against the president and a few days ago it was learned that the FBI itself had investigated the president of the United States separately on this issue.

Donald Trump said at the time that this investigation is an embarrassment and an authentic "witch hunt" against him, as he ensures, as he stressed few days ago, that "I have never worked for Russia, it is an absurd idea". Even at this moment, by the way, he is victim of the same accusations he made against who was his opponent in 2016 in the presidential race, Hilary Clinton.

Between nudity selfies and accusations of espionage, national security was involved in a threat, at least that was considered by the accusing party, an accusation that was considered as ridiculous by the defense side in all this investigative process.

Anastasia Vashukévich is part of this investigation. The Belarusian model was in prison in Thailand for teaching "sexual training". From prison, she indicated to have valuable information about the accusation that focuses on the 2016 election campaign. Despite be so linked to high political power spheres, this model was not taken into account in the investigation and now she is in the process of returning to her country, deported, and without the requested asylum in the United States.

Another name and with special importance recently, is the one of Wiliam Barr, professional proposed by Donald Trump for the position of General Attorney. In a recent appearance before the Senate he assured that under his supervision, "Bob Mueller's work will be able to finish in peace" since he also considers it "very important to resolve this issue, as well as to inform all interested parties of every detail".

Barr stated that "I think I am in a position in life in which I can do the right thing and not really think about the consequences (...) I will not do anything that is not right and I will not be intimidated to do something that I would think is incorrect", according to statements offered to the newspaper La República.

He took the opportunity to remember that if any country can be an enemy of the United States, it is China, since Russia "is only half, perhaps, of its economic reach (in reference to the Asian country)", while supporting the construction of the border wall to separate Mexico.

In the middle of this problem with Russia, the undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, Andrea Thompson, affirmed that the American Government is prepared for February 2 to "suspend" the treaty signed with Russia for the elimination of nuclear missiles of medium and short range (INF).

In a telephone press conference, Thompson explained that the "suspension" would allow the US initiate research and development of missiles prohibited by the pact; but it would not imply Washington's formal exit from the aforementioned treaty, signed in 1987.

In fact, with the "suspension" of the INF on February 2, the government would begin the six-month process that is necessary for its formal withdrawal from the treaty, said Thompson.

On December 4, she announced that in 60 days would begin the process to exit the INF, the first disarmament treaty sealed during the Cold War by Washington and Moscow and that served to inaugurate a new era of reduction of the nuclear arsenal.

On Tuesday, Thompson led the delegation that met in Geneva with Russian representatives, led by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, to try to save the pact. "There was no new advance yesterday with Russia", said Thompson, who said there is "no indication" that the Kremlin will choose to "comply" with the treaty.

Thompson insisted that Moscow has been violating the agreement for years and insisted that the Russian government must provide "verifiable" evidence to show that it is complying with the pact and, in this way, prevent Washington from taking the step of "suspend" its obligations under the treaty.

Despite the failure of the recent meeting, Thompson said she maintains "the door open" to negotiate; although at the moment no other meeting with Russian representatives is planned. In a similar tone, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said today that he remains "open to dialogue" on the pact.

Washington and Moscow accuse each other of violating the aforementioned agreement, which prohibits the two signatory countries from manufacturing, deploying or testing short-range (500-1,000 kilometers) and medium-range (1,000-5,500 kilometers) missiles.

In October, President Donald Trump announced that his country would abandon the pact due to violations by the Kremlin, prompting the alert of European allies because they fear a nuclear competition between Moscow and Washington with Europe in the middle. Russia and the USA have 90% of the planet's nuclear weapons.


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