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  • Venezuela
  • Venezuela denies troops shot civilians; Guaido appears at aid concert


    The top diplomat for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denied Friday that soldiers were involved in deadly clashes with indigenous people near his country's border with Brazil, while Venezuela's US-backed self-proclaimed acting president, Juan Guaido, made a surprise appearance at a star-studded benefit concert in Colombia

2019/02/22 13:11:46
  • Maduro
  • Venezuela's Maduro welcomes medical supplies from Russia


    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Thursday the arrival of 7.5 tons of medical supplies from Russia amid mounting pressure on him from the opposition to accept humanitarian aid from the United States and its allies

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  • Vaticano
  • Abuse victims re-tell their harrowing experiences at Vatican summit


    High-ranking Catholic bishops on Thursday heard the haunting testimony from five victims of clerical sexual abuse from different continents during an ongoing summit held at the Vatican aimed at tackling widespread child molestation and rape scandals that have recently rocked the Church

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