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  • 2018/08/20 16:06:49

    The hardware store finds its ally in digital manufacturing in Latin America



    The hardware store components along with digital manufacturing applications are gaining strength in Latin America, applying innovative and technological trends, such as the creation of ideal temporary shelters to deal with natural disasters, under the concept of Shelter 2.0, informed their promoters today

  • 2018/08/20 15:49:05

    The adventure of birding in Panama is coming



    Ornithology lovers and birding fans with their binoculars, cameras and lenses are almost ready to venture to observe millions of birds coming from North America in the Panamanian skies, to migrate south

  • 2018/08/20 13:11:54

    A 1st edition of Darwin's classic work to be sold at auction in Mexico



    A first edition of British naturalist Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" published in 1859 has been put up for auction to be sold at a price between $52,083 and $62,500

  • 2018/08/17 22:01:41

    Journalists present Panamanian anthology on the oldest city in the Pacific

    Antologia Panama


    A group of journalists presented the anthology "Panama, the city among papers", consisting of 9 chronicles about the experiences of the inhabitants of modern Panama City, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of its foundation, in 2019, reported today an official source

2018/08/17 14:48:22
  • Aniversario Panama
  • Panama will promote resilience in its 500-year-old capital


    The Municipality of Panama today announced that it presented the Strategy: Resilient Panama, which includes axes and initiatives on which the Panamanian capital will begin to work to address its vulnerabilities and to develop a one-year adaptation capacity one year before celebrating its 500th anniversary since its foundation

2018/08/17 13:47:36
2018/08/17 12:44:16
  • Caricaturas
  • Cartoons of the week


    Statements by the Nation’s Attorney General, Kenia Porcell, caused a stir in Panama

2018/08/17 12:18:14
  • Eventos
  • Events of the week


    This Sunday, August 19, the Panama 2018 International Book Fair: "Where the adventure begins", concludes. This has been the slogan of this edition that began on August 14 and has had Israel as the guest country

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  • Madonna
  • Madonna plans big birthday bash in Morocco


    Pop queen Madonna is getting ready to celebrate her 60th birthday, going over the top in the Moroccan city of Marrakech, where she has been posting photos on her Instagram account

2018/08/10 14:07:42
  • Cartoon
  • Cartoons of the week


    The Panamanian farmers’ demands have been news during the last days and have been part of the graphic opinion of the cartoonists of the main written media in the Isthmus

2018/08/10 14:00:45
  • Aniversary
  • Events of the week


    A gastronomic corridor and a series of cultural activities willtake place on August 18 in the Isthmian capital within the framework of the 499 years of foundation of Panama City that will be celebrated on August 15