About 39 productions will compete for the biggest theatrical prize in Panama

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  • Wed, 02/20/2019 - 16:27
About 39 productions will compete for the biggest theatrical prize in Panama
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A total of 39 theatrical productions that were presented in different stages of Panama were nominated for the Premios Escena 2018.

At least 65 artists will compete for the "Panamanian Oscar" among which are actors, directors, set designers, lighting technicians, makeup artists, costume designers and producers, among other theatrical art specialists, in a ceremony that is scheduled for the end of next March.

The list of nominees for the "Scene 2018" were revealed last night in a meeting that became a "family meeting" and also served to celebrate the formal start of this year's theater season, the organizers said.

"Apart from opening this year's theatrical season, the event also became a coexistence between colleagues, while we announced the nominees for the next awards ceremony", Carlos Quintana, artistic organizer and vice president of Fundación Premios Escena, told to Acan-Efe of this award.

Quintana -actor, director and theatrical producer- reported that the nominees were given a plaque, instead of certificates as was customary.

The ceremony of the twenty-second delivery of the Escena Awards has not yet been scheduled the day or the place, since it had to be reprogrammed because the amphitheater where it would be made will be subject to improvements, so that its celebration will be announced in the near future.

The artistic director of the Escena Awards also said that he could not advance what will be seen on that gala night, because it is always a surprise.

But he revealed that it will be thematic like last year and that it will also continue with the same line of being a "show for the actors" and that they enjoy the show.

For this new installment, the Theatrical Trajectory will correspond to the veteran actress Ceila González, who on the night of nominations was widely acclaimed by the audience, where the musical note was in charge of the Panamanian salsa player Luis Lugo.

In addition, at this ceremony of the Escena Awards will also be a special tribute to actors who have physically disappeared in recent months as are the teacher Norman Douglas and the actors Elizabeth Vargas, María Elena Mena, Horace Landaverde and Terry Brown.

The actor Luis Gustavo Macías said for his part to Acan-Efe that a year ago he accepted the challenge of being President of the Fundación Premios Escena, and that the "main objective to which we aimed was to rejoin the guild that of some another way had been divided".

He stated that his interest has been to create greater participation with other producers and actors.

"And I think that little by little is being achieved", said this renowned artist of the Panamanian tables, also highlighting that the directors of the Awards is open to ideas, constructive criticism and receive the support of anyone who wants.

"Something I like about the Escena Awards is that your work is recognized by your own colleagues and gives added value",  stressed the president of this national artistic award. 


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