The android that will give a conference in Latin America

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  • Sun, 02/25/2018 - 20:47
  • Twitter @SophiaRobot2

The android Sophia will hold her first conference in Latin America. The robot created in 2015 by the Hanson Robotic company in Hong Kong, which at some point said she would destroy humanity and then recanted. She will participate next April in one of the most important technology events in Mexico: Jalisco Talent Land.

Sophia is the first android to receive a nationality. Last October, Saudi Arabia granted it citizenship.

Pablo Antón, creator of Talent Land, told EFE that, “her conference is not yet closed (the topics on which she will speak), but more than the conference itself the interesting thing is the answer to the questions."

The robot Sophia has a variety of expressions on her face; she moves, jokes, answers questions through artificial intelligence. The android also has a Twitter account (@Sophiarobot2) since 2017.

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