Carnivals in Panama

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  • Sun, 02/11/2018 - 11:45
Culecos en la Cinta Costera
  • Coastal Strip. "Mojada" with the culecos
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Panamanians and foreigners visit different parts of the Isthmus to enjoy their holidays. "Carnavalear" is the main expression used by nationals at this time that highlights the "mojada" with the culecos, the parades, the carnival queen election as well as the musical shows performed in provinces such as Herrera, Los Santos, Coclé, Chiriquí, West Panama and Panama City that opens the spaces of the Coastal Strip for different musical shows.

From Saturday before carnival the streets of different areas of Panama are filled with celebration.

Carnaval Acuático Penonomé 2018.

Una publicación compartida de CarnavalAcuaticoPenonome_2018 (@carnavalacuaticopenonome_2018) el

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