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  • Fri, 08/17/2018 - 13:44

Statements by the Nation’s Attorney General, Kenia Porcell, caused a stir in Panama. The complaint about the conversation she had with the president in charge of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), Hernán de León, has once again left people questioning transparency in the justice system and this has been reflected in most of the opinión graphics. Thus was the reaction of Panamanian cartoonists who also left space for the results of the primary elections of Cambio Democrático.

#Caricatura de hoy en @MiDiarioPanama ¿Cuántos amparos más van a presentar? ¿será que estas sí se las aceptan? #ViernesDeGadejo pic.twitter.com/e5MgpJRaH4

— HILDE (@hildesucre) 17 de agosto de 2018


Pobre, como abusan de ella...ya la perdimos pic.twitter.com/mpDVGKtKDK

— felix barrios (@FelixPotuga25) 15 de agosto de 2018


Allá va esa vaina....😱😱😱😱 pic.twitter.com/8rkXjG3YJ5

— felix barrios (@FelixPotuga25) 16 de agosto de 2018




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