"Click to pray", the online application to pray that captivated the pope

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  • Fri, 01/25/2019 - 19:10
"Click to pray", the online application to pray that captivated the pope
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 "Click to pray" is a mobile application to pray online, which has captivated Pope Francis, a defender of the Internet and social networks, who on Friday celebrates his third day of visit in Panama.

The "app", which was launched in 2016 and already accumulates more than 400,000 downloads, allows users to interact with others faithful and share prayers, and is part of the Catholic Church's strategy to modernize and reach younger devotees.

The pontiff, who arrived in Panama on Wednesday to participate in the World Youth Day (WYD), opened a profile in the application during his last Angelus, which caused a wave of new downloads, said to Acan-Efe the director of the World Network of Pray of the Pope, Frédéric Fornos.

"The Pope has opened his personal pray account and there he will put his intention of monthly prayer, but also each prayer request that he makes us at the Angelus or at other times, so it is easier to pray with him" the Jesuit priest explained.

The application consists of three sections: "Pray with the Pope", which includes the pontiff's monthly intentions; "Pray every day", which facilitates a prayer routine of three times a day; and "Pray online ", a space where users (including Francis) can share their prayers and pray for each other.

"I do not know Jesus, but if St. Paul was born now he would surely use the new technologies and this application to pray online", said the director of the World Prayer Network, a centenary movement that seeks to orient the prayers of the faithful on a monthly base in a certain issue.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis), who has said that "Internet is a gift from God", but has also warned of the risks of misusing social networks, is the second "Twitter" pope in history, after Benedict XVI , and his Twitter profile currently accumulates more than 17 million followers.

The pontiff also recently signed up for the augmented reality videogame "Follow JC Go", one of the novelties of this WYD and which is considered the Catholic version of the famous "Pokemon Go".

"I do not know if (Francisco) is the most technological (pope) in history, but he has understood well that social networks and new technologies are essential", admitted Fornos.

WYD, one of the main events of the Church that is celebrated for the first time in Central America, gathers until Sunday at least 100,000 pilgrims from 150 countries of the world.

According to the Vatican's most recent data, Catholics in the world reached 1,299 million in 2016, an increase of 1.1 percent over 2015, with America being the continent with the largest number of faithful, followed by Europe.


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