Costume jewelry, fabrics and sweet foods, craftspeople talents from Latin America

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  • Sun, 12/02/2018 - 23:05
Artesania Panamá
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The distinguished designs of jewelry, indigenous textiles and secret recipes for sweets and drinks stand out among the first proposals of the Expo Crafts 2018, an event that seeks to give prominence to artisans’ creations from Latin America in Panama.

The 25th edition of this event, which will be held until Sunday at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City, gather the different aspects of the plastic arts such as painting, sculpture and photography, without leaving behind a space for gastronomy.

One of the exhibitors was the Panamanian Tillie Bellizi, who crafts with another partner hats and hand-painted wallets, highlighting the face of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in her creations.

"What I like most among people are the flowers in the paintings, as well as the prints I make on the hats," said the designer, owner of the B&B Arte y Estilo brand.

In another of the exhibition stands was the Guatemalan artisan from the department of Chimaltenango (center), Hugo Chalí, who exhibits various handmade items such as huipil (blouse) embroidery, purses, and blouses, among others.

"What we identify in our crafts are the color, and the art we do is done as a family so you do not miss the tradition," he said.

He regretted that they still have to face piracy and embroidery with the name of other countries.

Another representative of Latin America was Chalini Alviz, a Venezuelan entrepreneur who makes canned craft vegetables without chemical additives, among which her famous rum punches stand out with coffee and chocolate flavors.

He said that the most delicious canned food is pesto and dried cherry tomatoes, where he has a variety of 10 flavors.

He noted that the secret is inventing in the kitchen and taking it as a passion to delight tasters.

The activity is attended by some 200 artisans from Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Panama, in which they also give training and workshops aimed at presenting innovations that help artisans generate more sales.






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