Erika Ender wants to stand up for Latin women in music industry

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Erika Ender
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Panamanian singer-songwriter Erika Ender, co-author of the smash hit "Despacito" along with Puerto Ricans Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, does not want to be the exception but rather to stand up for other Latina women to develop their talent as well as men in music industry.

"I have reached unimaginable places, but women are not on par with men in the music industry," she told Efe during a telephone interview prior to the delivery of the Billboard Latin Music Awards, which will take place on April 26 in Las Vegas.

Ender, who is a finalist in the songwriting category of the year for "Despacito," also has the distinction of being the youngest woman to enter the Hall of Fame of Latin Composers, and the only Hispanic female to have been nominated for a Grammy in the song category of the year for Luis Fonsi’s hit.

However, the artist clarified that she does not feel comfortable using the word "discrimination", since many men have "trusted" her "talent".

But at the same time, she recognizes that, as a general rule, it is enough to look at the Latin lists of hits to verify that women do not enjoy the same representation.

"We are not yet on a par with men, but I do believe that those that are, are getting firmer, we are few, but we are doing a good job," she added. What causes the disparity between men and women?

"From my point of view, a while back the woman was more focused on the house, the children; she worked, but not as aggressively as the man, because this is a career that requires constant and early morning trips," she said.

However, she glimpses a new feminine energy that, little by little, makes its way into the musical field.

"As a result of that, a new generation of women has emerged who want to perform first and foremost. They are daring more and more. In Brazil, for example, women lead in music, from Anitta to Ellis Regina, because age does not matter," she said.

Another area of ​​change is the presence of female artists such as Kehlani and Hayley Kiyoko, champions of the LGBTQ community (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and undefined gender).

At the moment, this has not happened in the Latin music market, but she believes that "the world has become more tolerant".

"Love is love, the codes are changing. Regardless of what you sing, we are human and everything we do is for humanity," said Ender, who is in charge of Talenpro (which combines the words talent and purpose), a scholarship program to help young people study for the purpose of using their talent in any profession to help others.

Ender, who composes in Spanish, Portuguese and English, has created hits for Luis Fonsi, Justin Bieber, Daddy Yankee, Tigres del Norte, Chayanne, Gloria Trevi, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Ednita Nazario, Elvis Crespo, Víctor Manuelle, Son by Four, Horóscopos of Durango, and Milly Quezada, and many more.

That is why she assured that she is not afraid that the enormous success of "Despacito" will overshadow her 25 years as a singer-songwriter.

"On the contrary, it's a blessing in my career!" That song came at the precise moment that Latinos in music are knocking down walls," said the winner of the industry's most important awards, including the Latin Grammy and Latin Billboard, amng others.

To prove it, the singer songwriter is preparing a new single at the end of July, "Donde", a song that she will perform with her voice and which, she assured, comes with "several surprises" that she did not want to disclose. EFEUSA

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