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The weekend arrived in Panama and with it came one of the most renowned comedians: Andrés López. If you want to spend an evening full of good humor, where the laughs are guaranteed from beginning to end, you can enjoy "La Pelota de Letras Renovada with Andrés López". This is an extraordinary staging, which subtly makes a sociological analysis of life in Colombia for decades. Because it has a familiar and educational content, this work is characterized by being a reconciliatory between generations and nationalities. The appointment is this Saturday, February 9, at 8:30 pm at the Teatro La Huaca de Atlapa.

From Wednesday the 13th to Saturday the 16th of February, the Panamanian film festival of the summer arrives, the "6to Festival de Cine Pobre Panalandia 2019 ". There will be 4 days of outdoor film shows, workshops, talks, meals and concerts that will take place at the Omar Torrijos Foundation.

On Friday 15 and Saturday 16 February, the "VII Micro Brew Fest 2019" will be held, this is the most important festival of craft beer, in which producers, distributors and the public in general are in one place to offer and taste the best of local beer. Attendees will be able to taste good beer in quantity with more than 200 artisanal references in one place, in addition to Street Food and DJ'S that will create a summer atmosphere. The event will take place at Ciudad del Saber on Friday at 6:00 pm and on Saturday at 3:00 pm.

The funny comedy "Burundanga" continues its presentations, masterpiece of Jordi Galcerán, with more than 8 years in theaters in Spain, arrives in this opportunity to Panama under the direction of Aarón Zebede. The actors Yareli Cartin, Pablo Brunstein and Hugo Víctor Rodríguez, will be in charge of taking it to the stage. Berta, a young architecture student, is pregnant of Manuel, her boyfriend, but she still has not dared to tell him. She does not even know if her boyfriend really loves her, and even worse, if she wants to have a child with her, and get married. Silvia, her roommate, offers her the solution: BURUNDANGA, the drug of truth, a substance that makes you lose your will and makes whoever takes it, tell the truth absolutely. The functions will be from Monday to Sunday at the Teatro La Plaza. Except the "Fridays there will be NO function".

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