EXCLUSIVE: Erika Ender celebrates her 25th Anniversary

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  • Sun, 02/05/2017 - 09:04
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ERIKA ENDER celebrates her 25 year career in 2017 conquering herself and reawakening stronger and brighter

The successful Panamanian singer, who made history in our country by becoming the first woman to win a Latin Grammy, tells us that the best thing has been to make a living from what she loves doing. She also explains how she maintained resistance, discipline and values ​​in the complex and difficult music industry.

In 1992 Erika Ender formally began her artistic career with her solo debut on the most popular Latin American TV show, "Sábado Sensacional" (Sensational Saturday), broadcast from Venezuela by Venevisión. On several occasions she has remembered with great excitement the moment when the charismatic presenter Gilberto Correa pronounced her name with great fanfare.

25 years later, the Panamanian singer – who won a Latin Grammy in November under the category "Best Mexican Song" with the single "Ataúd" (Coffin) - tells us in exclusive that in fact her adventure in the world of music began "42 years ago when I left my mother's womb ... I delayed crying because I was looking for the first note."

Erika loves having had the opportunity to develop simultaneously in three difficult areas: "Television, which was an accident in my life but so far I embrace it with a lot of love and gratitude. Singing, for it has also been one of my desires and my pillars; and composition that is what has awarded me this Grammy," she says.

The good, the bad and...

Ender is not only grateful to the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for the recognition they made to the composition she developed for Los Tigres del Norte, but also claims all the good and bad experiences throughout her artistic career. She says that the best thing has been "to be able to make a living from what I love doing... I consider myself a communicator regardless of whether I write lyrics, melody or whether I have to speak or whether I have to write."

As for the challenges she has overcome, she points out that the most difficult have been "all the NO answers on the road, to which I am much more grateful than the YES, because they sculpted the professional person that I am today." She also finds it difficult to start her career as a young woman. "On the one hand, they open the door for you because you're beautiful, because you're nice. But you have to stop with double strength to demonstrate your talent, to teach that you can do it regardless of your gender or your age. To never negotiate your values ​​and your dignity ... I believe that it has been with great effort, work, dedication, talent, discipline, perseverance and authenticity over all things."

2017 ... A new "Renaissance"

Deepening the content of the subject that earned her a Grammy, Erika reflects on the fact that everyone has their own coffins, their own things to bury. With her characteristic depth of thought, she says: "Sometimes life wants to bury us in some way, or it seems that it wants to bury us, and I discovered that at heart what it wants is to plant us and see if we really are seeds. It's just the moment when we have to take advantage to come back firmer, stronger and bigger, and prove that we can flourish again."

It seems that it was just what she personally experienced recently. She highlights that every day is an opportunity to bury the past and wake up every morning with a greater desire "to conquer yourself above all things ... Last year, more than a burial it was a rebirth. I do not see "Ataúd" as something I buried. I see Ataúd as something that made me reawaken, as something that allowed me to see myself better. Giving a wonderful small candy to my career for the fact that they are many years, it is much the effort that is made to be within any profession, but this one in specific is of resistance, is of patience, is of discipline and is of no surrender because just when things get tough is when it’s most waiting for you at the end of the tunnel."

Erika has not wanted to tell us much about her plans for this 2017, but she said that they will be loaded with new achievements not only in the professional field, but also in the humanitarian field, through her Foundation Puertas Abiertas (Open Doors). So we'll keep an eye on her next announcements.

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