Google announces Artificial Intelligence challenge

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  • Thu, 11/01/2018 - 13:12
The initiative seeks to help finance proposals that, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), help to respond to complex social problems
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Non-profit organizations, academics and social enterprises in Latin America will be able to participate in the new Artificial Intelligence challenge organized by Google.org. This initiative aims to recognize the work developed in this area that seeks to respond to complex problems that arise in different social contexts. The winners will be recognized at the next Google I / O developer congress (May 2019).

All the projects that, making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), intervene in different fields from the preservation of the environment to social issues can send their proposals by accessing this link <https://ai.google/social-good/impact-challenge>. In May 2019, an international panel of experts in IT and media will choose the best
proposals. This is an opportunity to get to know and make visible the ideas that non-profit institutions, developers and social
entrepreneurs in Latin America bring as alternative solutions to the problems they face on a daily basis.

Google.org will help those selected to make their projects a reality, giving them the possibility to access up to a total of USD $ 25 million in Google.org scholarships; access to resources that include more than USD $ 1 million computing power in Google Cloud; and training sessions and hands-on training by Google's artificial
intelligence experts.

Through this initiative, Google will apply research, innovation and engineering in AI to promote projects with a positive social impact in the region, following its commitment to democratize access to technology in Latin America and promote the development of this field.

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