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The International Day of the Female Orgasm, now in its ninth year, is celebrated on August 8 each year. This erotic release, according to experts, should not be considered only on a satisfaction basis, but also the multiple health benefits it has. This is because besides being an aerobic exercise that burns calories, it relieves stress, contributes to emotional health and even prevents some diseases.

This sexual pleasure marked its calendar date on Tuesday, declared Orgasm Day, after the Brazilian city council of Esperantina (Piauí) passed a law in 2001 making an official day to speak "openly" of the issues related to sexuality, when dealing with a "public health" issue. "When people accumulate sexual frustrations, they can have violent episodes," he said then. This included, according to local media, the need to address the issue among the rural population.

The councilman of Esperantina (Brazil), José Arimateia Dantas Lacerda, passed a law to defend female sexual pleasure, study it and address it as a public health issue. The Brazilian councilman was based on a survey of students from the Federal University of Piauí, which revealed that 28% of women in the region had difficulty achieving sexual climax.

As of that date, the idea became popular all over the world, thanks in large part to social networks. Thus, August 8 is a day to give visibility to an issue that is still a taboo in many places and cultures of the planet.

Finally, the date to pay tribute to sexual pleasure, which served as an excuse for the municipality's Health Department to launch campaigns for a healthy sexual life, was established on August 8.

According to Dr. Alejandro Sarmiento, scientific leader of Bodytech, there are several physical exercises that induce pleasure and boost women’s sexual climax.

For example, Kegel exercises, which are focused on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, that are the muscles that hold the flow of urine and those around the anal sphincter.

There are also the lumbar-pelvic coordination exercises, which perform the coordination between the entire lumbar part and the pelvis. These are belly dance exercises (forward and backward movements) to favor the activation of this area.

The expert assures the exercises of the central area or for strengthening the core (abdominals, hips, buttocks and lower back) as pilates also serve to activate the pelvic floor.


Source: EFE

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