An "intelligent" toothbrush for perfect oral cleaning is created

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  • Mon, 01/07/2019 - 15:27
An "intelligent" toothbrush for perfect oral cleaning is created
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 The American multinational Procter & Gamble (P & G) presented today in Las Vegas (Nevada) an "intelligent" toothbrush that uses sensors and artificial intelligence to recommend personalized improvements to refine the oral cleaning.

"Can you imagine a toothbrush that tells you in which areas of the mouth you are applying too much pressure or to which areas you should pay more attention to because you do not brush them enough! That is what we have created," explained the P & G brand manager, Marc Pritchard, during the presentation at the CES 2019 conference.

The Oral-B Genius X brush, similar in appearance to the electric brushes that can be found on the market, is equipped with sensors that detect the movements of the hand and the pressure that is exerted against the teeth.

Thus, the device obtains real-time data on which areas of the mouth are being brushed and warns the user by means of different color lights in case he is applying too much pressure on the teeth.

This information is transmitted by Bluetooth technology to the user's mobile phone, where an application linked to the toothbrush analyzes the data, compares them with more than a thousand different patterns of ways to brush your teeth and, based on this, issues recommendations.

The user can also see on the screen of his phone a teeth representation with different colors indicating which areas he has more tendency to brush and which areas he must pay more attention.

"For example, a right-hand person in many cases will observe how much time spends brushing the left side of his teeth, which is more comfortable, and too little to the right, which is more difficult," said Pritchard.

P & G was one of the first brands to showcase its latest products at CES in Las Vegas, the world largest appliance trade fair, and with the "smart" brush, it also presented a head-shaving razor and the Olay's Skin Advisor platform which uses artificial intelligence to recommend personalized skin care.


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