Juanpi Dolande: Citizens have the power

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  • Tue, 08/28/2018 - 17:51
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The young laying in a wheelchair and that suffered a cerebral palsy with only eight months of life shows, for each conversation, an optimistic man, able to show that people have the ability to face all the obstacles on his way. It is not just words. It is attitude. With only 24 years of life he has become a positive factor for Panama. From social networks he went to the pages of his first book, "I change all your problems for a day of my life", in which he wants to show people that no difficulty is as big as it seems. Panama Today interviewed Juanpi Dolande during the last edition of the International Book Fair of Panama.

This coach and Panamanian writer is a recognized influencer and said about social networks, "it has become the catharsis of many, in the relief of others. It is easier to release, shield behind a Twitter account and refuse to truly face a problem. It is the shield of many who do not want to face the reality, who seek the why without focusing on what for. Living in the why gets you stuck in the past. If you find the what for, you can find your life purpose."

Dolande believes that people are the true owners of their direction within a society. "We have the power to choose whoever we want to be the first worker or first engineer in a country and a country is built with resilience and citizen cooperation."While Panama Today was interviewing Juanpi Dolande, the issue of migration on the continent emerged. Panama is no stranger to the reception of migrants, especially from Nicaragua and Venezuela. "I believe that all countries are brothers and we have to help others. This is not about you being Venezuelan and me being Panamanian, we do not have to hurt others. We have to unite as one continent, with different cultures, but in the end with the same language".

"I change all your problems for a day of my life" is an achievement, it has been a job but the process was satisfactory for Dolande, "I have always said that writing is a cure for the soul and a cure for all ailments".

The Panamanian coach highlights, before ending the interview with Panama Today,  that "the last option you have in life is to give up in any adversity".

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