Kevin Spacey released after being accused of sexual abuse

Kevin Spacey released after being accused of sexual abuse
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Actor Kevin Spacey was released only with a restraining order from his accuser, in the hearing in which he appeared before a court in Massachusetts on Monday on sexual assault charges against a young waiter aged 18 in 2016.

Different media said Monday that during a little more than 10 minutes of the audience the only word spoken by the actor was "thank you" at the end of the process. The protagonist of "House of Cards" pleaded not guilty before the court through the documents presented by his lawyers since December. The next hearing will be on March 4 and Spacey is not expected to show up as the judge in charge, Thomas Barret, ruled that his attendance is not necessary.

The complaint that Spacey faces could lead him to 5 years in prison for allegedly he exceeded his behaviour with a 18-year-old young man in July 2016 at a restaurant in Nantucket, where the accuser worked cleaning tables. According to the young man, Spacey proceeded to touch him on the thigh and, later, to rub his private parts for more than three minutes.

This would not be the first public accusation of abuse facing Spacey, he also has 30 complaints of alleged sexual assault in Los Angeles and England, forcing him to leave his public life since 2017.

In December, Spacey posted a video on the Internet in which he played the character of "House of Cards", Frank Underwood, and said: "You would not believe the worst without evidence, would you? You would not rush to judge without facts, right? No, you would not, you are smarter than that. Of course, some of them believed everything and have been waiting anxiously to hear me confess everything. They die of wanting me to declare that everything that has been said is true and that I received my deserved. Only you and I know that it is never so simple, not in politics and not in life", said the actor.

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