Miss Universe Contest: Rosa Montezuma wore the "Zaratí outfit: the rebirth of two legends"

Miss Universe Contest: Rosa Montezuma wore the "Zaratí outfit: the rebirth of two legends"
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The day in which we will meet the new Queen of the Universe is approaching and each step counts for the aspirants who seek to be crowned as the most beautiful of this year. The catwalk of typical costumes marked the beginning of the competition this Monday and Miss Panama, Rosa Montezuma, walked firmly and energetically before the eyes of all the attendees.

With a big smile and evident security, Montezuma demonstrated not only her own beauty but the spectacular dress made for the occasion by Abdul Juliao. This outfit is inspired by Zara, the daughter of cacique Nomé, one of the characters of the legend of Zaratí.

The suit has at least 3 thousand 500 jets of golden beads with small crystals iridescent and sheets of silver acetates, to match a shirt, cuff-links and anklets. The large size that characterized the suit did not stop at any time to Montezuma, who left on high the name of Panama on the catwalk in Bangkok, Thailand.

The complements of this suit are worked in ocher and corrugated gold colored leather called cabritilla; It also has cock feathers, duck, real bird and pheasant turquoise winches with rooster struts in all pink and lilac. The crown that is part of the headdress, is silver plated in 18k gold, was designed by Abdul Juliao and made by the hands of the goldsmiths Mila Jewelry. A beautiful and imposing costume.

Also among the Latin representatives who paraded and wore beautiful costumes are typical of Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru.

They all fight to win the crown that Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, Miss Universe 2017 of South Africa, currently holds. The final night will be this December 17.


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