"Panamá: Café" book will portray the origin and tourist circuit of this fine grain

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The editorial project "Panamá: Café" will be the first publication with a tourist stamp that will portray the origins and current situation of Panamanian coffee, a legacy that aims to cross borders when the value of the grain in the country is known, the initiative promoters said today.

The publication intends to take a tour through the history of the grain in Panama, recognize the hard work of coffee producers and highlight the value of special geisha coffee, recognized as one of the best in the world, highlighted a note by the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP).

The production, promoted by the tourist agency and the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP), is published in partnership with the Editorial Sello de Agua.

According to the SCAP, the book is an editorial legacy that will transcend borders and constitute a new opportunity for the country brand to be present in various international venues, such as festivals, fairs, gastronomic meetings and even video clips.

The administrator of the ATP, Gustavo Him, emphasized that “Panamá-Café” will publicize the cultural and tourist attractions of the coffee regions such as the highlands of Chiriquí, in western Panama, attracting investors and international buyers.

"Our contribution to this project is to establish the coffee circuit and promote it as a new tourist product in the Chiriquí region," said Him, who has visited coffee plantations in Boquete and Tierras Altas.

The document includes a detailed portrait of the first coffee plantations in Panama, ranging from the climate of the regions where it is grown, farms, producers, processes, grain varieties, sustainable agriculture, the coffee circuit, agro-tourism and ecotourism; and the gastronomic proposal.

He also mentions the role of the indigenous Ngäbe Buglé ethnic group who have played a leading role in Panamanian coffee growing.

The edition will have a large format with photographs. It will be a reference for locals and foreigners interested in knowing the coffee region of the country and taste one of the best coffees in the world.

In 2017, the Coffee Exploration Center created by the ATP in Boquete became the gateway to the coffee circuit, allowing visitors to experience the process of the making of the delicious beverage.

In recent years, coffee has positioned itself as one of the most important agricultural products of the Panamanian highlands, since it has exotic varieties of grain such as geisha and the jewel in the coffee crown.

In 2017, the special geisha coffee, the star of Panama's coffee production, was sold at a record price of $ 601 per pound (454 grams) at the XXI TheBestofPanama electronic auction.

By 2016, coffee represented 0.6 percent of total food exports, increasing to 1.2 percent by 2017, according to official figures.


Source: EFE

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